Mission Statement

We are free a monthly Scottish arts magazine with a spotlight on queer culture, arts, interviews and history.

Each month we will bring you the best in queer arts across Scotland, as well as from across the world, and we will provide a history section as we believe LGBTQ history shouldn’t just be for February.

We don't charge charities or pride for adverts; we never have and never will.

Our content is perhaps not family friendly, but we are straight friendly - though we do ask our straight friends to remember that sexuality is part of the LGBTQ identity.

Over the years we have raised money for HIV Scotland, Pink Saltire, Starter Pack Glasgow, and also sponsored a number of prides including Fife Pride, Dundee Pride and Highland Pride.

The people behind the magazine come from a punk/indie background ethos, we don’t believe in limiting our subject matter to ideas around what people think queer life should be these days. Our magazine, like our readership, has a broad range of interests beyond the mainstream stuff targeted specifically (or even cynically) at us queer folk. Having said that though, that stuff can be fun to cover too!