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Tracey Thorn - Record 5 Stars album of the month

posted 7 Mar 2018, 04:56 by Scene Alba Magazine
The evergreen Tracey Thorn is back and we welcome her with open arms. Tracey is blessed with a voice that fits into a multitude of different musical styles, from the early lo-fi jazz of Everything But the Girl to their rebirth as super hip dance influenced pop with ‘Missing’ to her unmatchable vocal contributions on Massive Attack’s ‘Protection’ it seems she just suits whatever is put in front of her.

‘Record’ isn’t shyly hanging around at the back of the party it comes straight to the point with opening track ‘Queen’ a fast pace, glittering eighties pop number and as Tracey was making music back then she’s more than entitled to claim that style as her own. On this album Ms. Thorn’s voice seems to have matured a touch and there’s a previously unheard depth to her vocals on this album which is a pleasing development. This is no album of moping songs (take note Moby) there’s a real positive thrust even delivering a pean to women everywhere on ‘Sister’ a celebration of feminism featuring guest vocals from Corrine Bailey Rae.

Lending her falsetto to ‘Go’ Tracey enhances the very texture of the song while on ‘Babies’ she discusses her desire for children but on her terms over a great throbbing electronic backing, it’s a deeply satisfying album, there’s a sense of playfulness and experimentation on ‘Record’. 

Tracey Thorn sits in that rare place of being a true national treasure and similar to Alison Moyet’s ‘Other’ from last year there’s maturity, experience and solid inventiveness creating some of the best music from one of Britain's best vocalists. Now if only the poor boys could measure up to the women.