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Titus Andronicus - A Productive Cough 1 stars

posted 7 Mar 2018, 07:02 by Scene Alba Magazine

Devoid of their usual punk thrash-outs ‘A Productive Cough’ has to look to other places to deliver the goods for Titus Andronicus’ fifth album, so where have they looked? A bit indie, bit gospel choir, a bit bluesy, a bit folky and at its worst a bit Bob Dylan.

There’s a real shift towards a warmer, fuller sound on this album. ‘Real Talk’ sounds like an attempt to ape Dylan and The Band and it’s reasonably celebratory if a touch derivative however their shambolic take on ‘(Like a) Rolling Stone’ really shows up the limits of their playing and also singer Patrick Stickles’ voice is turned to rags as he screeches his way through all bloody nine minutes of it. Quite unpleasant, you’ll never complain about Bob’s voice ever again.

On the much gentler ‘Crass Tattoo’ there’s a go at a country ballad which in all fairness suits them much better even if you suspect that the whole thing is one big piss take.

Generally Titus Andronicus are much more believable as snotty punk rockers spitting snot and vitriol rather than trying to push their boundaries, something I normally applaud but not in this case when all it does is show up the band’s limitations.