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The World Is a Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Always Foreign

posted 8 Jan 2018, 03:41 by Scene Alba Magazine

3 Stars

Even the very mention of ‘Emo’ conjurors up feelings of dread in this reviewer, countless whiny eyeliner wearing, self-pitying white boys emoting third rate teenager level takes on life and being so very dull. The World Is A Beautiful Place… have been lumped in with this group of humourless misery mongers and while they do lyrically sit well in that group the music itself is actually much more interesting than their counterparts.

There’s a much more widescreen feel to this album, at times it feels like a travelogue through the open spaces of America (‘I’ll Make Everything’), at other times it’s very much the excitable, jumpy shredded nerves of an open eyed teen in the city (‘Dillon and Her Son’) ‘Always Foreign’ makes the effort to have a sense of texture and experimentation.

There’s atmospheric asides like ‘Blank #12’ segueing into acoustic lament ‘For Robin’ which itself leads to seven minute epic ‘Marine Tigers’ lending the album a more mature feel in contrast to their contemporaries.

Even though the languid vocal delivery has the snotty feel of adolescence about it and the lyrics are still on the melodramatic side ‘Always Foreign’ is light years ahead of the competition and it feels like that crossover multi-platinum selling album is just around the corner but for now this is a definite leap forward in quality for The World Is a Beautiful Place and may even be the record that knocks those Emo references on the head once and for all.