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The War on Drugs - A Deeper Understanding

posted 8 Jan 2018, 03:31 by Scene Alba Magazine

3 Stars

War on Drugs’ lead singer Adam Granduciel has a real weariness in his voice, his tired pleading tone seems to ache desperately for your attention and on this fourth album do they still need to plead so hard?

The War on Drugs share the same sonic arena as Bear’s Den and Kurt Vile in a laid back groove that they inherited from Prefab Sprout where everything seems to has a rustic feel to it and no real urgency. This may be an attempt to separate them from any musical timeframe so that longevity can be achieved however the overall effect seems just so safe.

It's your usual samey sounding songs with either a fast tempo of a slightly slower tempo, there’s nothing really striking at times coming across as a slightly shyer Dire Straits rather than the cool as fuck band of now. In moments where the band seem to awake from this musical stupor like ‘Nothing to Find’ they still seem confident but insipid, very much the kind of music that appeals to the masses that thinks Ed Sheeran is acceptable.

I mean there’s no doubt that a lot of craft went into making the album but it’s so slick and every edge is smoothed out that each song kind of segues into the next without any sense of them having a separate character from each other.

Not dreadful, very listenable just undistinguished safe music for safe people who don’t want anything too charged in their lives.