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Rats From a Sinking Ship - Fight The Future 4 stars

posted 7 Mar 2018, 04:52 by Scene Alba Magazine
We need a bit of righteous anger right now, fortunately Rats From a Sinking Ship have grasped this and are applying a dutiful boot to the balls of modern society’s floundering moral compass.

Loudly too, tight beats and the growling metallic guitars supplied by Jamie Price roar alongside vocalist Alex Lusty’s call to arms recalling the golden age of razor sharp political unrest in music that was prevalent in the early nineties, the Rats seem to scurry in the same circles as kindred souls such as Consolidated, Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy or Public Enemy as shot through the most disgruntled of British eyes.

The insufferable Royal family, our currently disintegrating government and of course the ghastly spectre that is Trump are just some of the society’s modern maladies that are given a refreshing shower of sulphuric acid via Lusty’s insatiable vitriol but it’s not just a madman screaming at the moon, Alex injects a knowing humour into the proceedings with some inventive wordplay but the songs always retain a solid message. 

For the most part the music is fuelled by a sneering punk sound but there are diversions away from that sound like the bouncy ‘To The Sword’ with it’s hip hop beats and shimmering guitars, there’s even an acoustic intro into scathing ‘Katie Fucking Hopkins’ but as the energy here is anger that’s what propels the album, it’s not a peaceful record so if you’re looking for something to placate you after a day of fighting the onslaught of the miseries of modern life then this is not the cd to reach for.

However if you need fuel for the fire and maybe want to start a revolution then ‘Fight the Future’ may well be the light to the blue touch paper that you need.