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Mogwai - Every Country’s Sun

posted 8 Jan 2018, 03:38 by Scene Alba Magazine
5 Stars
There is no one like Mogwai, well yeah there’s a slew of post-rock bands that came before and after them but even so this Scottish collective seem to inhabit a space of their own and it’s pretty beautiful place to visit.

Mogwai are quite deceptively simple sounding sometimes, for example opener ‘Coolverine’ seems to be a pleasant, chiming slice of post rock, but there’s always so much happening in the confines of the song, while the lonely guitar serenades the bass and drums and a modulating keyboard dances underneath it all before it all starts to collude and rise from a simmer to a boil, other keyboards arrive, more guitars all doing different things filling the air with sound. It’s what they do

Single ‘Party In the Dark’ is a rare vocal track featuring the band’s trademark sound but shot through the prism of a four minute indie-pop classic.If only the charts weren’t so fucked up we could’ve had a top ten single there.

‘Every Country’s Sun’ seems to have reinstated Mogwai’s swagger, there’s a real sense of confidence about this album and it’s not all just brain-boiling guitar assaults on the senses there’s chilly electronica like the sort on ‘aka 47’ a kind of mind meld between the band and early Boards of Canada. ‘1000 Foot Face’ is almost hymnal, with a gilded choral vocal rolling along aside a tightly restrained band, it’s commanding and gentle at the same time, almost spiritual. However ‘Battered at a Scramble’ sounds exactly as the title would suggest a punch in the face in amongst chaos.

It’s always difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is that makes Mogwai so engaging and fascinating apart from the fact that they’re masters of their art and the best at what they do, maybe it’s that within the context of what they’re playing there are always surprises to be found and that keeps people both interested and involved in the music.

‘Every Country’s Sun’ is another great album to pick apart with headphones or to feel the full visceral blast through, loud, loud speakers.