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LCD Soundsystem - American Dream

posted 8 Jan 2018, 03:34 by Scene Alba Magazine

4 Stars

Back because of Bowie. Well kind of, David Bowie told head LCD Soundsystem honcho James Murphy that if something made him uncomfortable then he should do it. Reforming the band that did no wrong felt uncomfortable so here is the new LCD Soundsystem album.
So is it an early Christmas present? Or is it getting dumped on Valentine’s Day? Jingle bells.

Wisely Murphy hasn’t set out to reinvent the group or its sound but to firmly reestablish it, there’s a lot of the familiar but it’s the best of what made them great in the first place.

Opener ‘Oh Baby’ is a soothing lullaby led by an all encompassing fuzzy bass line, it’s the hand leading you into the party.
‘Other Voices’ is so unashamedly LCD that it feels deliberate, a mix of rattling percussion, David Byrne-esque verses and Bowie informed choruses.
Speaking of Bowie once more we get a blast of the squawking Robert Fripp/Scary Monsters guitars all over ‘Change Yr Mind’ he uses his influences well.

Early Cure/P.I.L get a look in on ‘How Do You Sleep’ a dark and stark song very much in that early eighties minimalist vibe while you can still dance yer arse off with ‘Tonite’ all big electronica and big beats even if James is lamenting the ever advancing lacerations of age whilst you’re making moves.

There’s a unmissable dialogue of the passing of time and all its terrible crimes weaving throughout the album, we are all getting older and we’re starting to inhabit the spaces left to us by our parents or as other people call it - Middle age. And it suits this band well let’s face it they were already mocking themselves and the insatiable need to be cutting edge on early song ‘Losing My Edge’ so it’s not a work of a band desperate for credibility.

‘American Dream’ is a solid, worthwhile return to activity from a much loved band who have decided to just stay at the party, after all, it’s later than you think.