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David Bowie - A New Career In an New Town

posted 8 Jan 2018, 03:43 by Scene Alba Magazine

5 Stars

Encompassing the albums from Low to Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) this latest release in the box set reissues comes to one of Bowie’s most revered eras.

The new mixes are much crisper that previous remasters including a whole new Tony Visconti mix of 79’s Lodger probably one of Bowie’s most underrated albums. Here a layer of dust has been wiped away and there’s so much more to hear, the previously murky details have been brought much further forward in the mix showing more complexities to the compositions.

And Lodger isn’t the only album sashaying away with a shiny new Visconti mix 1978’s live album gets resuscitated too whilst adding two extra tracks.

The Berlin trilogy of Low, “Heroes” and Lodger show Bowie at a creative peak (well one of them at least) a time of cocaine excess but brilliant music however the aforementioned Lodger was not a critical or commercial success and led to Bowie once more evolving himself. Thus the eighties began with Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) which featured four hit singles and a number one in ‘Ashes to Ashes’ and both the music editor and general editor’s favourite Bowie song ‘Up the Hill Backwards’.

New Career in a New Town boasts of nine discs compromising some of Bowie’s most audacious and revered work alongside the Re:call 3 comprising of a mix of single versions of album tracks, rare material and the wonderfully surreal Bing Crosby/Bowie ‘Little Drummer Boy’ duet from Bing’s 1977 Christmas special.
It’s difficult to review what’s been reviewed to death but I can recommend this box set, the mixes are superb and the music is, as always will be unsurpassable.

Disc 1 - Low (2017 Mix)
Disc 2 - “Heroes” (2017 Mix)
Disc 3 - “Heroes” EP (Containing German & French version of the song)
Disc 4 - Stage (2017 Mix)
Disc 5 - Stage (New Tony Visconti Mix featuring two new tracks)
Disc 6 - Lodger (2017 Mix)
Disc 7 - Lodger (New Tony Visconti Mix)
Disc 8 - Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) (2017 Mix)
Disc 9 - Re:Call 3 (Various rare tracks)