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Bjork - Utopia

posted 8 Jan 2018, 04:08 by Scene Alba Magazine   [ updated 8 Jan 2018, 05:00 ]
3 Stars

The sound of a true innovator and experimentalist Bjork has made some of the most uncompromising music of the last four decades and she shows no signs of tiring on this her ninth studio album. From the blissful pop of ‘Debut’ to the elemental sounds of ‘Utopia’ Bjork has always reached out to find unique ways to express herself, on this album she teams up with Venezuelan producer/composer Arca to produce an album that sounds like paradise (hence the title).

It’s a lush sounding album full of clashing sounds and styles, 12 piece flute orchestras and huge choral backings build the songs to something mythical alongside the stuttering loops and beats we’ve come to know from Bjork, the juxtapositions creating soundscapes for the singer to float above and drink in.

Glacial and akin to the pacing of a soundtrack ‘Utopia’ is a fully formed universe unto itself, it has an otherworldly feel to it and when tempered by Bjork’s totally unique and recognisable phrasing it brings the songs to life.

At almost 72 minutes it’s quite an undertaking and people who have a passing interest in the artist will be thoroughly lost in the rich soundscapes here but if you have the time and patience you can find rich rewards within ‘Utopia’ but you may have to take a guide with you.