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Arcade Fire - Everything Now

posted 8 Jan 2018, 03:28 by Scene Alba Magazine
4 Stars

Fifth time out and about for Arcade Fire and they’re up for a bit of a party, a weirdo’s party, the best kind.
Wrong footing us with the title track’s slow reprise from the end of the record they burst into the actual version of’ Everything Now’ which is either an attack on the insta-gratification of today’s world or it’s a celebration of it, or both, whatever the intent the music is a burst of Abba pianos, pan pipes and lush orchestration, it feels celebratory so let’s go with that.

Super cool kids get a kicking on ‘Signs of Life’, a soundtrack to questionable late nights draped in neon and sleaze it has the spectre of the eighties as does a lot of the album.
Controversial ‘Creature Comforts’ a head on discussion of suicide without the lamentable ethical debate is pleasing lacking in droopy introspection and sports an electronic backing rather than a tearful and predictable lament.

Other than eighties pop synth electronica Arcade Fire try their hands at skewed reggae, thrash pop, breakbeat all of course shot through AF’s prysm, it’s one of their least ponderous albums and has a more playful feel to it however it does seem to be top heavy with all the best songs sequenced at the first half of the record so what begins as a party slides into that part of the night when those last three guests won't take the hint which is a good idea if it’s deliberate but after the initial burst of ideas feels like a bit of a let down.

Still one of the more inventive and colourful bands out there ‘Everything Now’ is more success than let down and will easily take it’s place in the upper parts of the this year’s best albums.